Will participants own the intellectual property of the solutions?

Niantic - Legal

Please see the supply agreement titled ‘Open Call Purchase Agreement’ in the Competition Terms for all supply terms, including delivery of the Demonstrator and terms relating to intellectual property. This includes assignment terms with the Sponsors of the Programme requiring their ownership of newly created intellectual property by Participant to be transferred to Sponsor in exchange for payment. Sponsor, Digital Catapult and Niantic will also obtain marketing rights to showcase the Demonstrator and supporting materials from the Programme.

Demonstrator – the Sponsor, Niantic, and Digital Catapult (each a “Customer”) will also be granted a marketing right by Participant (and Phase 2 paid Applicants) enabling Customer to include images, videos and stills of the Participants’ (and Phase 2 paid Applicants’) pitches, demonstrations and other output from this Project (and competition), as well as the Participant’s name and marks, in Customer’s marketing materials and promotions relating to this project. In addition, the Participant selected to create a demonstrator will be required to submit their final build to Customer, which Customer may use to create marketing and promotional materials., on an “unsupported” basis, and subject to reasonable terms depending on the nature of the demonstrator.

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