What happens after the programme?

Shooting Star

After this programme, all participants will have access to Digital Catapult’s Alumni network, and will receive further updates regarding future programmes that might be of interest, webinars, and other business opportunities. 

With regards to the research, this will end with a review of the deliverables and a typical project close-down type session. From a commercial relationship perspective this will mark the closure of the relationship. For participants that have made a good impression for whatever reason (work ethic, areas of research, deliverables etc), NCSC may wish to maintain a relationship with them, should they wish to progress any further (new) research and/or further development tasks. The participant will have benefited by already having been ‘onboarded’ with their commercial process; as such, any future work would be more straightforward (although this is not strictly guaranteed).

FutureScope is delivered by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology.