What are the FutureScope programmes?

About FutureScope

The FutureScope programmes have been designed to support all stages of maturity with applications opening across the following programmes.

  • Initiate – Support for growing new skills. At this stage your business may not be established or formed yet, and you might be looking to upskill or reskill on technology and business skills.
  • Incubate – Support for product service incubation. At this stage you’ll be starting to form ideas for your product and business, looking for help in validating your plans and getting your business off the ground.
  • Experiment – Support for experimentation and development. From trialling new technologies to experimenting with the art of the possible, this programme aims to provide you with the opportunity to discover and push the limits of your tech capabilities. Whether you want to take your core technology to the next level, or explore what adding a new technology to your solution could look like – our technologists will be there to help you take the next step, and even develop proofs of concept.
  • Accelerate – Focused on early-stage business and investment support. Focusing on early stage technology startups, Accelerate is designed to help you hone your business acumen, helping validate product market fit and providing valuable business and investment support.
  • Build – Building demonstrations and minimum viable products with relevance to industry challenges. Our Build programme will see your business apply solutions directly to industry – developing minimum viable products and demonstrations to show how your tech solutions can solve real world industry challenges.
  • Scale – Focusing on growth and early stage scale support, for companies at Series A+ stage of funding. Designed to scale your business and develop a strong ecosystem of critical support for tech leaders, the Scale phase helps businesses with scaling operationally and commercially, and securing higher investment rounds.
FutureScope is delivered by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology.