What are the different selection criteria I will be evaluated on?

Shooting Star

  • Relevance to challenge
    • The application should clearly fit with the topic of pushing boundaries in resilient hardware, not just software, while also demonstrating a clear understanding of the associated risks. 
  • Novelty of idea
    • The proposed research should focus on developing new and innovative ideas, rather within existing ideas and frameworks. 
  • Team experience, expertise, and commitment
    • The proposed research team should be able to conduct this research, drawing on expertise in hardware development, resilient product design, and security product development. They should also demonstrate openness to learn and collaborate. 
  • Feasibility of the research idea
    • The proposed research should be demonstrated to be feasible, from a physical, technological, and financial perspective.
    • The proposed research must also demonstrate its value for money, while also balancing risk to ensure the level of risk is not too high.
  • Applicability and Scalability
    • The application should demonstrate that the results of the research will be able to be practically used in the future design and development of real-word products.
  • Robustness and Functionality
    • The application should demonstrate an idea that has the potential to add robustness and resilience to products, without reducing usability or security. Any potential risks in this regard should be outlined.
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