How will Digital Catapult choose the successful applicants?

Application process

FutureScope applications will be selected based on the following criteria. Please note individual briefs will have specific requirements listed on the application brief.

Stage of maturity to programme requirements:
Applicants must be able to demonstrate their business and product maturity as relevant to the specific programme.

Technical and sector assessment:
The product/service uses suitable advanced digital technology or a mix of those as its core proposition to tackle the challenge themes and sector fit.

Originality and strength of the idea:
The idea is compelling and original whilst also demonstrating strong vision.

Growth potential:
The application should be capable of market demand, with the potential to achieve growth and reach its full range of capabilities beyond FutureScope.

Team quality and expertise:
The team is of adequate size and is equipped with the relevant technical, financial and business skills, and has the ability to deliver the solution successfully.

Environmental and social impact:
The idea takes into account sustainability alignment and environment factors.

FutureScope is delivered by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology.