About Industrial Net Zero Scale

Digital Catapult’s Scale programme is focused on scaling innovative technology companies applying advanced digital technologies to tackle the challenges of Industrial Net Zero.

The programme aims to accelerate their growth from an operational, technical, commercial and investment perspective and is tailored to UK companies at pre-scale or early scaling stage.

The challenge brief

Enabling a sustainable future

Advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the internet of things (IoT), distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and immersive (AR & VR), can deliver a raft of benefits for an organisation’s green credentials. When applied in the right way, they can help businesses measure environmental impact, reduce waste, optimise usage and extend the life cycles of vital assets.

Through this programme, we’re looking to support companies with industrial net zero solutions. Areas of focus may be, but are not restricted to:

  • Material resource optimisation: optimising the outputs of an organisation or facility, without increasing input or sacrificing quality
  • Zero-waste manufacturing: designing and utilising products for reuse, remanufacturing and recycling to enable a more sustainable circular economy
  • Circular economy: Enabling an economy in which materials are reduced, reused, remanufactured or recycled
  • Net zero agriculture: Reducing the emissions of our foodstuffs and enabling more sustainable land use

What’s involved

Across the 16 week programme, participating companies’ leadership team will work with the Digital Catapult team, industry experts and growth coaches to assess, iterate and accelerate business processes and significantly expand their network of peers, investors and customers.

  • Across the 16 week programme, scale-ups will participate in over 35 hours of events and sessions, including:
  • Diagnostic sessions with the leadership team to determine current technological, commercial, investment and strategic needs
  • Workshops to develop and improve business planning, commercial strategy, pricing and positioning, operational processes and investment readiness
  • Networking events, roundtables and tailored introductions to industry leaders, relevant investors and potential customers
  • Keep 100% of any investment raised

Who should apply and company requirements

Alongside our selection criteria companies should apply who:

Pre-scale or early scaling stage companies that:

  • Have previously raised a seed or Series A round of investment, and/or can demonstrate significant commercial revenues of at least £500,000 in the previous 12 months
  • Sell (or aiming to sell) solutions to larger SMEs and/or enterprise customers at an average order value of approx. £10,000 pa or more


Digital technology applications

  • Future networks and advanced digital infrastructure (internet of things including low powered wide area networks, NB-IoT, LIFI etc. and includes sensors, edge devices, wearables etc.)
  • Immersive technologies – extended reality (virtual, augmented, mixed reality and haptics)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (natural language processing, machine vision, deep learning)
  • Distributed ledger technologies (blockchain etc.)

Working within or can apply solutions to industrial settings

  • Material resource optimisation
  • Zero waste manufacturing:
  • Circular economy
  • Net zero agriculture

Companies with a clear revenue model

The company should be able to articulate its revenue model, who its customers are, identify key acquisition channels and describe its go-to-market strategy

Industrial Net Zero Scale FAQs

Read our programme specific FAQs to understand more about this brief and requirements

  • What is the FutureScope Industrial Net Zero Scale programme?

    Scale is FutureScope’s 16 week programme for high-potential pre-scaleups and early stage scaleups, to support them in accelerating their existing technology, operations and commercial activity.

  • What are the programme timelines for FutureScope Industrial Net Zero Scale?

    Please see below the programme key dates:

    • Applications open: 17 November 2021
    • Applications close: 23 January 2022
    • First stage of interviews/judging begins: 24 January 2022
    • Selected applicants informed by: 31 January 2022 (TBC)
    • Programme begins: 14 February 2022
    • Benchmarking sessions begin: 21 February 2022
    • Showcase: March 2022 (date TBC)
    • Programme ends: 03 June 2022
  • Is my company too early-stage to apply? How can I tell?

    It’s expected that successful applicants for FutureScope Scale will be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of market validation in their technology and execution, and that this validation can best be demonstrated by having previously raised investment, or achieving significant commercial revenues.

    If your company is not at the point at which it can satisfactorily demonstrate either, it is likely too early-stage for Scale. FutureScope offers opportunities for companies at different stages of their lifecycle, so please take a look at our current and future opportunities and register to stay up to date.

  • Who can apply for the Industrial Net Zero Scale programme?

    The theme of this current Scale programme is industrial net zero.

    The programme will therefore be tailored to support companies focused on applying and scaling advanced technologies (AI and ML, future networks including IoT and 5G, DLT, immersive technologies including VR, AR and XR). The first cohort will focus on companies tackling to tackle challenges in industrial net zero. Future cohorts will focus on other key challenges in the manufacturing and creative sectors, so please sign up to stay in the loop on future opportunities.

    They should also meet the following application criteria:

    • Have previously raised a seed or series A round of investment, and/or can demonstrate significant commercial revenues of at least £500,000 in the previous 12 months (or £150,000 in the previous three months)
    • Are selling (or aiming to sell) to larger small businesses and/or enterprise customers at an average order value of approx. £10,000 per annum or higher
  • Is Scale just for CEOs or can anyone in the company participate?

    The majority of FutureScope Scale’s content caters specifically for scaleup CEOs. However, there will be a number of workshops and events better suited to other members of the leadership team, particularly those in commercial, technical or operational roles.

  • How much time do I need to commit to the programme?

    The time commitment required for successful participation in the programme is approximately 40 hours over the 16 week period.

Programme Competition Terms Industrial Net Zero Scale, November 2021.

How to apply and next steps

  1. To apply, each applicant will need to register their interest using our registration form.
  2. Applicants will receive a follow-up email with a link to the application form through Submittable and Digital Catapult’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Survey.
  3. Applicant teams will need to complete the application form by 23:59 on 23 January 2022 to be considered for the programme.

Whilst the completion of the ED&I Survey is mandatory, your responses to this will be kept separate from your application and will have no effect whatsoever on your application to the programme. Completion of the survey is mandatory, however applicants will have the option of “prefer not to say” in each question.

Applications closed.

Applications to join Industrial Net Zero Scale are now closed. You can stay up-to-date with the programme and be the first to know when applications are open by registering your interest.

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