Studio Wayne McGregor Challenge

Niantic Lightship Challenge Briefs

Studio Wayne McGregor is looking to turn basic movement competencies into innovation beyond the confines of the dance world and provide everyone with tools to tap into their innate creativity in a shared experience. Building on Wayne McGregor’s inquiry into physical intelligence, we want to create a game that is fun, surprising, immediate, yet beautiful.

This challenge is looking to empower users’ self-expression through movement. The concept for Studio Wayne McGregor should use the Lightship platform to encourage players to move through urban environments – using key elements of dance, like timing, control, balance, coordination and proprioception.  

This game experience challenges users to make, co-create, and share 2D and 3D atoms. Users will be able to interact with other players using kinetic tags placed in our everyday environment and create a new shape-shifting movement diorama in Augmented Reality, made directly from each of our own unique physical autographs.

In this challenge we are looking to answer some of the following questions: 

  • How do we distribute atoms of a ‘dance’ across the city? 
  • How do we collect the 2D atoms and compose them in 3D to activate the ‘dance’?
  • How can core skills in dance making be used to frame the kinetic games?
  • How do we move between aesthetics to a fully rendered beauty?
  • How do we use the kinetic properties of the phone to prime movement?

For more information about Studio Wayne McGregor and their inquiry into physical intelligence please see BBC Imagine….Wayne McGregor, Wayne’s TED Talk and an accompanying article Tips for Thinking Like a Dancer

Areas of Interest 

  • Movement & dance 
  • Blending the urban environment with augmented reality
  • Encouraging collaboration through 2D & 3D creations
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