Cartoon Network Challenge

Niantic Lightship Challenge Briefs

Cartoon Networks mobile football game Toon Cup debuted during the 2018 World Cup – the app has amassed more than 72.5  million downloads. The game allows users to choose their country then shoot, tackle and score their way to the top of the leaderboard! Kids can create a team using characters from their favourite Cartoon Network shows including Teen Titans GO!, The Power Puff Girls and We Bare Bears. Cartoon Network is looking to leverage Augmented Reality to extend the Toon Cup Universe.

The Cartoon Network challenge is looking for concepts that use the Lightship platform to extend the Toon Cup universe and create content and experiences that push the games narratives, characters and experiences into the outdoor world. The idea will use Toon Cup characters to connect our audiences to real world events.  

The aspiration for the app demonstrator includes the scope and energy of Toon Cup and Space Jam combined, created with the Cartoon Network manifesto in mind: 

  • We are funny 
  • We celebrate unfiltered realness 
  • We are uniquely Cartoon Network 
  • Everything a kid does (big or small), changes the world for the better!

The demonstrator should: 

  • Be a fun, delightful and engaging experience for kids aged 7-10 
  • Be an accessible and safe experience for kids 
  • Increase brand awareness for Cartoon Network and their IP 
  • Enhance the Toon Cup interactive experience 

Areas of Interest

  • Creating content for an audience aged 7-10 
  • Bringing fictional characters into the real world 
  • Blending sports with augmented reality 

The ToonCup app is available for download on Android & iOS 

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